Thursday, October 2, 2008


Decision's, decisions. Can I tell you I feel like I want to throw up! We are trying to decide if we should switch adoption agencies. We love our current agency,however with the recent announcement extending our wait times We feel very conflicted. With current wait times we will most likely have our child home late 2009 early 2010.Yep that's right 2010.I can not even imagine waiting that long.Am I strong enough? On the flip side we found another agency that will most likely have a referral for us in weeks yes weeks.However they are not as well established as my current agency.Please pray for our family as this is not an easy decision.


Cindy said...

Good Luck with your decision!!

Rachel said...


I feel you for! I'm right there with you! I think we're going to stay put but I've definitely been doing my fair share of Internet browsing. Good luck making the decision. In the end, whatever you decide will have been the perfect decision for your family because it will lead you to the child you couldn't imagine being without.