Saturday, October 25, 2008

Its just gonna be one of those days

Well woke up kinda down.The adoption process does that to you.One day you feel great the next you feel down. We rushed so much redoing our dossier for the new agency that we hit snags. Due to our medicals not being correct our full dossier wasn't looked at til this past week. I was hoping yesterday we would hear we were officially waiting but we didn't. 6 families were told Tuesday they were official-yep that's 6 more ahead of us .I cant help but think if we weren't careless we would have been waiting a week ago.Then I start to think the 3 months we waited with CHFS if we were with BFAS we would probably be home with baby already. Then I try and remind myself that its in gods time(not so comforting sometimes) and only he knows who our child is and when the time is right so will we(but its really hard). So today is a hard day. On the flip side I am so happy for for Theresa and Jim who received their referral this week and became parents!!


Holly Fisher said...

Dawn! I know you are feeling down, but 6 people in front of you (now 4 that 2 of the oct group have referrals).. 4 people in front of you is nothing compared to having 320+ in front of you with CHSFS. Time will fly by fast! You'll have your babies in your arms in no time!!

Theresa and Jim- said...

Hi Dawn!! Thanks for the shout out :) I know how your feeling. It's sad having days like that. It doesn't help when it's rainy either.(It's rainy here anyway) But I just know in my heart your referral is coming very, very soon!!! Your baby is out there and God is going to bring you the path to her. I'm praying it happens soon for you!