Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waiting waiting waiting

I havent blogged in a long time and for many reasons.So today I begin again and hopefully will continue. To bring you up to speed Peyton is turning 2 in a few weeks and such a funny little girl I can not imagine life without her in it. Caitlyn is now in culinary school and really enjoying it ,Zach is in high school and dating a little too much such a strange kid he is and I mean that in the best possible way, Aiden is doin great still tryin to find his nitch but such a sweet heart and currently Peytons favorite bro and well Carson is now 11 oh my and just an amazing kid he surprises me every day!! As far as our adoption its been a long road.We have had our referral since june and I have watched my sweet angel grow up through pictures, It is such a hard thing to grasp. There is no end in sight for our case no court date and the Ethiopia program is having so many delays we will be lucky if our little one is home by summer.I have decided with the new year to put adoption away what I mean is I need to focus on my children here,I will never get back these moments so I need to focus on them.It does not mean I dont love our little one in Ethiopia I do and she is in the best hands she could be in but there is nothing I can do for her but wait.My children here need me and I am going to spend this time making wonderful memories.