Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Adoption and new friendships

I have so many friends from every journey of my life.Whether they are from High School,through adoption,PTA ,Through my children,MA,PA ,Etc they have all supported us on this adoption journey. My Adoption friends will always be dear to my heart.They understand my ups and downs coupled with my craziness. Only they can truly understand how I am feeling. So this post is dedicated to them. To Gail you are the BFAS cheerleader.You seem to take us from an unhappy place to a more pleasant one. I imagine you are the type of person that lights up a room when you walk it. I tend to think of you as the Mama bear of the group. What ever you say has such a calming effect I don't believe we could make it through all the venting without you. Meg you are a wealth of information, you always know whats going on. We made it through the formula scare together and i am so happy we talked on the phone that day. You have had a difficult journey but yet you stand tall and I admire that. Jen you say everything I feel LOL. You have been named the ass kicker of our group but I don't really see it that way you just speak what you are thinking. I remember the day you received your referral I was soooo excited for you. I am soo glad you crossed over to BFAS with me . Kimberly the great list keeper-what can I say without you we would not have a list to obsess over.I think everyone appreciates the work you put into the list for us. Your day is coming soon I just feel it.I think I may cry when you get the call. Kelie who I'm not sure has a blog or at least i can not find it. Thank you for your encouraging words. We only started really talking and I'm happy to get to know you.Theresa words will never be enough of a thank you.Without Theresa I know I would not have survived this process. She is the first person I turn to good or bad news. She knows how to calm me. She is defiantly my adoption BFF buddy LOL. We began this process together and I pray we continue it together(praying we travel together). These ladies will forever be in my heart.I pray everyday for their journeys.I do hope someday we have a chance to meet!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

adoption refreashed

Okay so this week was one of those manic adoption weeks.W hat do i mean by that?You see on occasion through this process i get such sadness,anger,frustration,etc.I have been flying high since our referral on December 12.Well what goes up must come down.This week i started feeling the stress again how much longer and oh my what if we don't pass court on march 5th how can i handle that?I want her home yesterday and threes nothing i can do.I long to hold her and comfort her and who is doing that for her now? I worry how do these little ones stay healthy as I who will only be there for a week prepare for all sorts of scary vaccines.Vaccines for illness that would devastate one.So you see its been a rough week.On these weeks John just stays away ,he just doesn't get it.Don't get me wrong he worries he just doesn't obsess.So why to i headline this post refreshed? Someone from the adoption agency just returned from Ethiopia and announced she had lots of pics and that if we sent her our referral picture she may have a picture of our daughter OH MY!!! Well my email of course was giving me trouble and kept edgetting bumped back as others from my agency started receiving picture.I seriously was crying at this point.Well i have made some amazing friends through this journey one of them being Meg .Meg sent the women and email and a few minutes later there was our beautiful daughter in the most amazing picture(she really is photogenic).So see I think I can survive a few more weeks.This picture was exactly what I needed!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009-What is coming

As I think about 2009 I think about all the things we have happening this year.Here's a few:
The cool thing happening
Carson will turn 10
Caitlyn will turn 20
Brian(my brother) will be 30
John will turn 40
I think that's pretty cool.
Like I said John will turn 40 this year.it doesn't seem to bother him but he has made it clear no surprise parties oh well!! John also has to take his medical boards again this year.The has to take them every 10 years.So this will take away some family time as he will be in study mode until September.

Caitlyn will leave her teen years behind this year and enter adulthood WOW!!!She will finally get her driving licence back on her birthday(yeah she lost it on her 19th bday for speeding and zero tolerance,a very hard lesson learned).Caitlyn also has her first dance solo this year and we are so excited for her.

Zachary will enter his teen years by turning 13 in just a few weeks.He already exhibits typical teen behavior-moody,sleeps allot,etc.Zachary will be confirmed in our church this year which is a huge deal.In our church you do not receive communion til you make your confirmation.And the best part for some reason hes the only one this year so we keep calling it the Zachary show.

Aiden will finish up at the elementary school this year and begin junior high. I am so scared for him! He is my mush,my sweetness and I am not sure he will survive.Aiden will also play his second season of flag football and he is soo excited.

Carson my baby turning 10!!! I can not believe it. Carson will enter 4th grade in September whoa!!He will play his 6th season of tackle football and his 4th season of baseball FUN FUN.

Kennedy will be placed in our arms this year.She will also celebrate her first Birthday towards the end of the year.For that matter she will celebrate many firsts with us

As for me on March 5th I will return to being a stay at home mom(and looking forward to it).I will get to travel out of the country for the first time and hold my baby girl for the first time.

I welcome 2009 and all it has to bring!!!Happy New Year!!