Thursday, February 26, 2009

Passed court early

I still can hardly believe it.We were sceduled for court March 5th and here it is Feb 26 and we have passed. This has been a great week last night I recieved video of our baby girl and today she is ours!! We lleave March 11th oh my so much to do.No pictures to post yet our agency doesnt allow it but soon.Kennedy will be home

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nursery pictures

So the nursery is done we just need our baby girl!!! Our court date is 2 weeks from today so we are almost at the finish line!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gods plan???

I keep trying to tell myself God has a plan.I may not like his plan or agree with it but he has a plan. It has taken me a few days to post this.I have been feeling all sorts of emotions and was a little depressed for awhile but Im starting to feel better. Last saturday we lost our referral for Tingirt.Her mother took her from the orphanage and I will spare the rest of the details because it is too heart wrenching to post. I feel like someone has ripped my heart out.We love her so much even though we have never met her.We had plans for her,dreamt of her being a part of our family. The same day we lost Tingirt we were offered the referral of Bontu a 3 month old baby girl. Her referral was coupled with the news of Tingirt.Way too much to handle. It took me an hour to open the attachment to view Bontu and Im gonna be honest I was not excited I had no feeling and I feel so sad about that. Bontu is a beautiful litle girl but I wanted Tingirt she was my daughter. After about 5 days of uncontrollable crying I am happy to say we signed the acceptence papers for Bontu. We have decided to leave 1 picture of Tingirt up for she will forever have a place in my heart. I am very guarded this time and feel terrible but I know when Bontu is placed in my arms I will know she is ours forever. We were able to keep our march 5th court date so we are almost at the finish line. For whatever reason God wants Bontu to be with our family and I have to trust in his plan.Please pray for our family