Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Wow is it July already holy moly!!!! Lots goin on in the D'Angelo home but I see July/Aug being super busy as we have many projects to get done before life gets just a bit crazier! Busy is an understatement there is so much on my plate right now some days I cant sleep! Our foundation website is almost ready to go live so stay tuned.We are also planning our 1st big fundraiser in Bontus memory more details to come.The kids are all great and enjoying living on long island with the beach being 1o min away.John is working way more then he should but we knew this when he took this second job(project but its like a second job)-it wont be forever its just the begining stages of his project and will be time consuming then it should let up. No vacation plans for us but thats okay Me,John and Peyton will be heading to vegas in september but thats all we have planned for now!!Happy 4th of july to the blog world