Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

14 year old boys are wierd !!!!!

So my zach is now 14. Having a boy teenager is very very different from a girl.Caitlyn would tell you everything even stuff you prefer not to hear. I knew everyone of her friends and I knew everything about them who they liked,who they dated,what they ate for dinner. So Zachs life is somewhat of a mystery to me. Hes funny and outgoing inside our family and I assume hes like that around his friends when I am not around. He has a girlfriend named Taylor but thats not up for discussion, I have met her and shes quiet as a mouse !! He has a best friend named Megan who is loud and funny and its funny to watch them together(i imagine they will date some day they are a cute match). Zach is not into sports but likes to jam on his guitar (privately). Hes very private and some times I get concerned but all his friends parents tell me how much they love him. Having other people tell you they love your teenager means alot,it means hes respectful to adults and has manners outside the home-it means so far I think we did a good job! I know hes trying to find himself as I watch him changing. Appearance is huge for teenagers and Im curious to see how this evolves. Yesterday I saw him wearing neon black and rubber bracelets(you know the bracelets we wore in the 80s) .Well its very odd to see my son wearing bracelets oh and a sparkly neon studded belt hmm should I be worried??? not yet I dont think it seems to be the style right now-Did I say 14 year old boys are WIERD !!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chunky Baby

Title says it all. The kid eats everything and anything which is good and bad. She eats all her vegtables and fruits but she also eats dirt, grass and bugs!! Yes bugs!! And she shovels the food in as fast as possible. I just dont know what to do with her shes healthy but she needs to eat less-try explaining that to a toddler. Shopping for her is tuff. She cant wear most jeans or pants because they are too tight around her belly or if they do fit they fall below her belly as in the picture. Im at a loss all my other kids are picky eaters so Im thrilled she eats but she needs to eat less .I know I know she will thin out the more she walks and I shouldnt worry but I do