Saturday, January 17, 2009

adoption refreashed

Okay so this week was one of those manic adoption weeks.W hat do i mean by that?You see on occasion through this process i get such sadness,anger,frustration,etc.I have been flying high since our referral on December 12.Well what goes up must come down.This week i started feeling the stress again how much longer and oh my what if we don't pass court on march 5th how can i handle that?I want her home yesterday and threes nothing i can do.I long to hold her and comfort her and who is doing that for her now? I worry how do these little ones stay healthy as I who will only be there for a week prepare for all sorts of scary vaccines.Vaccines for illness that would devastate one.So you see its been a rough week.On these weeks John just stays away ,he just doesn't get it.Don't get me wrong he worries he just doesn't obsess.So why to i headline this post refreshed? Someone from the adoption agency just returned from Ethiopia and announced she had lots of pics and that if we sent her our referral picture she may have a picture of our daughter OH MY!!! Well my email of course was giving me trouble and kept edgetting bumped back as others from my agency started receiving picture.I seriously was crying at this point.Well i have made some amazing friends through this journey one of them being Meg .Meg sent the women and email and a few minutes later there was our beautiful daughter in the most amazing picture(she really is photogenic).So see I think I can survive a few more weeks.This picture was exactly what I needed!!!!


Theresa and Jim- said...

Dawn!! I am so happy you got a picture!! I am sure she is so beautiful! We will be with our babies soon! :)

meg said...

glad to help dawn!!
i had company over but i couldn't will my butt away from the computer!!!
these pictures are such an amazing gift...and definately help the wait go faster!!