Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What was I thinking

Okay busy does not even describe my week. I am in charge of 2 fundraisers in the same week with another one coming.What was i thinking. I guess its good cause I havent had much time to think about the adoption however I do walk pass the half done nursery and think when am i gonna get in there. My 5th grade pancake breakfast came and went saturday.It is amazing how much work one event can be and then its over in 2 hours.After that i was a vendor at a fair then from there I went and finished cleaning up our church garage sale.And that was just saturday.Yikes! This week I am preparing for a art show for our preschool which is consuming my life. Then Nov 3 is the blood drive i am running Holy smokes what was I thinking.Anyway remember those vaccines I am afraid of,yeah,well last night I let John give me 2 out of the 5 OUCH!!!! No passing out but I was already laying in bed so maybe that helped

UPDATE: i just recieved this from our new agency
Yes we received them today. Everything else looks good. We will be taking your documents to St. Paul on Friday to be authenticated by the State of MN and they will be sent to Washington DC for authentication by Friday afternoon. I will keep you posted. Once your dossier leaves for DC you will be added to our referral list. This process take approximately 1-2 months to receive a referral.

Did you read that 1-2 months woohoo we will have a referral by christmas


meg said...

congrats on the email! that's so exciting!

Theresa and Jim- said...

YAY!!! So happy for you!!