Sunday, October 26, 2008

Need to get out of this funk

Gosh this weekend is crazy.Last night I had an at home america party.It was fun and now i get to shop for free ($217worth). My SIL brought over a ton more baby clothes for us that was fun to go through. Problem is I cant stand people asking so when is this baby coming? Especially since I have been down.People don't understand the process.When we announced in march we were doing this I have been asked the same question anytime I see anyone.Anything new with the adoption? NO new would mean I have a referral and I don't.Today I am hosting a children's Halloween party for my kids and our friends kids.Again the same question will be asked and honestly I think I may get nasty. I envy John cause the wait doesn't bother him ,hes so laid back about it and sometimes doesn't understand why i get so anxious. Well hopefully the party will be a distraction then back to work tomorrow.

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Theresa and Jim- said...

Hi Dawn. People just don't get it. Even with our referral people say awww don't you just want him here? I don't know how you do it....UM YA!!!! MORE THAN ANYTHING I want him here! It's hard. People don't "get" it unless they have been through it. But I'm here for ya And I have you so I think we just can "get it" for each other. ;-)