Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How much does a little one need??

So I did it! I registered at babies r us. I came home with a huge headache. I did register since we are asking family and friends not to purchase us Xmas gifts(you would not believe the stuff we get) but to get us stuff we need for the baby. Also people keep asking if i am going to register so its now somewhat done. I registered for what I know I need no matter the age such as high chair,car seat ,stroller, porta crib etc. After I have our referral I can go back and add other items. Well it was overwhelming whats out there. Wipe warmer???I cant even remember all the unnecessary things i found. But oh what fun I had. It was a bit strange when I entered and walked over to the registry desk.I said I would like to register.The employee said oh you want to buy for a registry? I need no i want to make one.She immediately looked at my stomach then gave me a puzzled look.I explained I was adopting and then we proceeded. It was fun after I was done they gave me a gift pack and then had the store manager come over to congratulate me.

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