Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Waiting and lists

Okay so for some reason today is frustrating me as far as the adoption wait goes. I have been seeing referrals on all of my adoption groups yet none from my agency. I dont expect a referral for us anytime soon but it would be nice to see some movement from our agency. Some days fly by and the waiting doesnt bother me and then there are days like today. So i decided to make a list of things that need to get done before this baby comes .
1.get babys room ready(new floor and paint)
2.Order baby furniture(its all picked out)
3.Register(very time consuming i have made 6 trips to babiesrus just to check things out)
4.Finish babys scrapbook( when baby comes home i just want to have to add pics)
5.Start adoption baby book
6.touch up paint around house
7.xmas shop( i am usually done by now and i havent really started)
8.Shop for travel items( there is a laundry list of items we need for travel to ethiopia,I dont want to be scrambling after referral to get these items)
9.organize family photos from the past year(very behind and i need to put them in albums)
10.Buy baby blanket to sleep with so it has our scent(we send this after we recieve referral.)
11. Make album for baby( we send this also at referral i have the album thanks to my secret pal i just have to fill it.)

So i am sure there is more to add to the list. I really have soooo much to keep me busy til referral!!!


Rachel said...

I hear ya, Dawn. Today's been hard for me too. I've been off work for Rosh Hashanah so I've had more time to surf the Web than usual. Sometimes having too much info is bad:-) Referrals at our agency will start up soon and I think we'll both feel better when we start to see some positive movement! I'm so sick of being #77 on the unofficial list I could scream:-) (I've been in that exact slot since our dossier was accepted!)

Anonymous said...

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