Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Choosing agencies

Well we all know we switched agencies a few weeks ago.
However when we began this journey I did sooo much research that brought us to Childrens home society. I still believe they are a great agency they love and care for these children,they take the time to make a wonderful lifebook,they are very well established. What they lack on is communication.They are really good at beating around the bush and not answering your questions.I believe they mean well but its very frustrating for their families.I will admit it I switched to BFAS because their wait is much shorter but as I have been with them a few weeks now their best asset is communication. I didn't even know an agency could be this open about everything. They have a yahoo group that BFAS responds on all the time(even weekends).They also let us in on inside info like this week they posted they have referrals in hand but the computers are down in ET so they are waiting to get pics and medicals.They are so open and honest anytime I call and answer every question I have. So forget the short wait,the communication alone was worth it. I was keeping BFAS to myself for selfish reasons but as one of the BFAS staff put it we want these children to find homes.So feel free to email me if you are still considering an agency dawndangelo@optonline.net


Theresa and Jim- said...

Very good post Dawn!!

~Theresa :)

Holly Fisher said...

YES, I agree with you 100%! And did you see today that there was another referral!!! Gail has a baby boy now and she has only been waiting a month and a day!!!

Theresa and Jim- said...

HEY!!!!!!! I TAGGED YOU!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT MY BLOG FOR DETAILS!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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