Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Thanksgiving was fun and crazy.My Turkey took way longer then I expected so no nap for me.I headed out with my friend felicia at 10:30 Pm to the outlets that opened at midnight.It was cold,crazy and so much fun.The lines were huge,the sales were amazing and we were there til 4am. The longest line I saw was victoria secret it was about a mile long so I opted not to wait.I broke down and went to gymboree despite the fact John banned me from going til we have a referral.Gymboree had 25 % off your total purchase even clearance it was crazy!!!Then we headed to Kohls which opened at 4.Not so good deals but I got a few things.Then it was onto Taget which opened at 6am. Target was very organized this year and it made shopping very easy for those doorbusters I needed. Then we headed to the mall and believe it or not the mall wasnt so bad. I think Felicia could have kept going but I was getting delirious so at 11am we decided to call it quits. So now I am sooooo exhausted but so happy the bulk of my shopping is done. I took a 2 hour nap and I am trying to pull it together to meet some friends for drinks at chilis.


Holly Fisher said...

wow! 10:30pm until 11am? you're crazy, girl!
Hey, let's hope for some good news this week!

Anonymous said...

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