Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flashback to High School ramblings

I bet you thought this post would be about my High School reunion -nope I missed that due to our adoption which is fine I honestly feel like with facebook we dont need reunions. Anyway High School as I remember it wasn't so bad but when you are in high school you really can't wait to get out and become an adult- Well adult life has proven to be alot like high school !!! In more places then one I have found the same high school drama in my adult life. One example is the PTA-If you have never been in a PTA let me tell you all the rumors are true. I for one just do my job and avoid the drama but the drama is everywhere. Sometimes I think its a women thing, women need drama and will do anything to create it. Facebook can bring drama-its very easy to post exactly how you feel and before you can delete that post 20 people have responded. It also is very easy to delete friends something I did recently when I was upset and now regret somewhat. I recently experienced some drama in an online support group-some will say I created the drama but I really dont believe I did. I was hurt ,felt singled out and left out(see those familiar high school feelings).I should have taken it up privately with the person but when you feel attacked you react and I think I needed to know I wasnt over reacting. Anyway I felt like I was in High school as the event escalated and I could not escape. Lets see where else -----Family--and thats all im gonna say about that cause you read my blog LOL. In the workplace-I don't even work anymore but my former co-workers still try and drag me into the drama (i worked with all women). I remember as Caitlyn was going through High School I would tell her its High School Drama you just have to survive but I never really told her it will always exist, I never told her that those feelings she felt or the way her friends acted will exist even throughout her adult life. I told her to ignore those who created drama and sit on the sidelines (only problem with this is you get walked all over so maybe not the best advice).Why doesnt this happen with men?? My husband pretty much has no drama-my brother had no drama-Do I need to talk to my soon to be high school son about the high school drama ??? or am I safe til Peyton goes to school? and for girls the drama starts around 4th grade if I remember correctly. Maybe this is why god gave me 3 boys-less drama cause honestly the drama makes me uncomfortable !!!!

On a side note the kids are great and Peyton is growing to fast and getting ready to walk -As far as the progress of our second adoption, well I have decided to stay private about that for now on due to the "drama"

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