Thursday, April 29, 2010

Collecting Children HUH????

Living on long island I dont know too many families that have more than 2 children. Long Island is super expensive and Im not even sure how my friends without kids even survive here. Anyway people are usually shocked when I say I have 5 children,seriously shocked. Most people ask tons of questions especialy now with Peyton. Heres how a recent conversation went and im still taken back by it

**Are they all yours? Ummm yeah all 5 are mine.
No you know what i mean- Umm they are all mine,I didnt give birth to all my children but they are all mine.
Oh so how many are adopted- Just 1
So your done right- nope not done
Wow what are you collecting kids?-----------------------

What does someone say to that-collecting kids-i just kinda looked at her paused and walked away. Is that how some people look at it? so strange the world we live in


Luciano's said...

I would have slapped her! Oh people are nuts!!

Anonymous said...

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Bob said...

"i just kinda looked at her paused and walked away".

Probably the best reponse you could give short of chewing her out.

Anonymous said...

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