Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Referral day story

Okay so here's how it played out.
I woke up Friday morning with a very strong feeling we were getting our referral that day. I was suppose to be off from work but was called in to sub. John was working from home and I was sooo mad cause I didn't want him to get the news before me. I texted him every hour on the hour to see if there was any news and of course there was none. I came home around 2:30 and hit the computer to see if there were any referral announcements but there was nothing. I continued to check for the next 2 hours. Around 4:30 I came to the conclusion today was not the day. So I left the house to take Zack to his guitar lesson. I usually come home after dropping him off but instead I decided to drive to the bakery to pick up some things for the party we were having the next evening. As I was ordering a few items I received a text from John saying"Are you almost Home" I texted him back saying "no".Then he texted again "Come Home". I texted "Why". His response was "Please come home". I then tried calling him but he didn't answer.I will admit I was not thinking referral I was thinking the kids needed something and I was feeling like gosh I cant even step out for a minute. As I was driving home now in the middle of rush hour on a very busy road, I still wasn't thinking referral. Then it hit me could this be it,Oh it better be it the way hes texting me. So i started to speed up praying I would make through every light before turning red. As I reached the corner I nearly plowed down my neighbor and didn't stop to apologize(John went over later and apologized). I can not express the thoughts going through my mind,was this really it???Could it be the day we waited for?? If not I am going to kill John LOL!!!! As I entered the house John was standing in the kitchen tears streaming down his face. I kept asking Did they call? He couldn't even answer me he just pointed to his laptop. I turned to look and there she was the most beautiful little girl. She is so perfect,so amazing and ours! We both cried for a bit before we went to tell the other kids. Oh and poor Zachary yeah, still sitting at the guitar store waiting to be picked up oops! So that's it that's how one of the most amazing days in our life happened!


Rachel said...

Congratulations! What a cute story!

Holli said...

So exciting!
Hopefully your neighbor is forgiving!:)

Theresa and Jim- said...

I love your story!!